Quality and Occupational Health Safety Policy

Obligation of providing quality service necessitate an official quality management organization system which determine minimum quality standarts to provide needings and expectations of cost effectivity,productivity,punctuality and quality of our customers. Dere Beton has established project and communication process to ensure obtaining these standarts for customer satisfaction and determinated needing of customers. Dere Beton’s approachment includes following Quality Assurance and Quality Control precautions:

  • Only one touch point to reply all technical matters
  • One sample format to complete the project and run a report.
  • An QA/QC policy determined in companywide.

Evaluation of time percentage for quality control developed from similar projects provides accuracy, harmony and completeness. The level of QA/QC activites is determined by size of contract, technical complicacy and determined legal and schematic requirements.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy of Dere Beton

HEE liability requires activities to be done as it protects health and safety of employees, facility operators and general society and as it respects protection of environment. The highest standarts about health, safety, environmental protection and conservation, that are required to be provided according to Dere Beton Instituonal HEE Policy, can only be procurable through having, applying and maintaning a HEE Management system, which is designed to achieve constant performance improvements and to harmonize Project requirements and laws as a minimum.

HEE Management System of Dere Beton consists following matters.

  • Institutive HEE Policy that conveys commitment of Company Management to all staff, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • HEE Management Program that provides policies and targets which are needed to be adopted in every phase of work and  determine the responsibilities.
  • Control List and Engineering HEE Standart Procedures that state minimum requirements and guidelines for HEE.
  • Standart Procedures and Construction HEE handbook that indicates guidelines and minimum requirements for HEE during construction.
  • Project HEE Plans and Procedures that are developed based on Project requirements and institutional documentation.